Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Giant Apology

You know, most of the times Koreans use a pun to make an apology.
They say 내 사과 받아주세요 {please accept my apology} with an apple in hands, playing in this way with the word사과 which means apology but also apple.
I always wanted to try this, although no one around me,
with the exception of my boyfriend,
understands its meaning, nevertheless I find it endearing and quirky.
This idea clears the sky for me, the apple of discord loses its mythological power and becomes a simple apple offered with a genuine heart of regret. It’s fuzzy precious.
The end of the year brought me a giant apple so that I can begin with an apology to myself first, for being too lazy, too ill, for pricking my fingers too much, for being a bad friend to me and to others, for not studying enough, for not reading enough, for being a bad sister, for not sewing enough, for not eating enough fruits, for not waking up early enough, for being too indecisive and too shy.
And an apology to you for selfishly eating the biggest apple I've ever seen all by myself.
Next year I am going to do better. It’s not a promise. It’s an apple.


  1. aaawww, this is so cute! I can totally understand every single thing you mentioned in the 'for not being..." :) I've recently started learning Korean and I also got to know the thing about 'to apologise' and 'an apple' sounding the same, I found it very sweet!
    I really wish that oneday I'd stop blaming myself for 'not being' and start loving myself 'for being' :)

  2. This is truely inspirational! We should "apple" more often to ourselves and take better care of ourselves. I don't want you to get burned out!